About Us

About Copier Champ Pte Ltd

Copier Champ Pte Ltd started with the humble beginning 3 staffs in 1977 at South Bridge Road dealing in wholesale and retail of office stationary to what it is today, a one-stop shop for your office equipment needs. Copier Champ targets small to medium sized companies and government organizations within Singapore to provide good and reliable sales and rental services of NEW/USED photocopiers, printers and consumables such as toner and ink etc. Over the years we have grown from a 3 staff force to 126 now with a customer base of approximately 3000 under our copier/printers maintenance. Last year, Copier Champ has incorporated wide format/AO copiers/printers/plotters in its product line. This further gives the company the flexibility it needs to successfully secure, satisfy and complete customer’s copier requirement with varying needs.

By using existing management experience and strong copier import knowledge, Copier Champ is also in a position to further expand by having overseas operations and offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Copier Champ offers unique copier user experience, cost effective machines and increased user satisfaction.

Our Objectives

The primary objectives of Copier Champ over the next few years are to :

Generate new client contracts by fulfilling customer’s concise needs

Develop a strong client base by letting customers make the decision to return to us time and again

Become a leader by providing our clients with a solid copier and after sales service that saves them both time and money

The preferred choice for your photocopier needs

To achieve these goals, Copier Champ must be best-in-copier market in three key areas : – understanding demand, nurturing the brand, differentiation from the competition. Copier Champ will strive to :

Earn customer loyalty

Build a reputation for value

Increase market penetration

Increase renewal and customer return rates

Build a reputation for trust worthiness

Foster strong customer relationships