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Lease/Rent New Printers From Reputed Brands

We at Copier Champ are the leading name when it comes to printer machines in Singapore. We started our business back in 1977. In the beginning, we had an office at South Bridge Road with just 3 employees. At that time, we just sold office stationery on both retail and wholesale bases. Now, we are the top name for all kinds of such products in Singapore. We work with all sizes and shapes of companies where the products that we sell are needed. We work with governmental agencies as well and are known as a benchmark for reliability. We also offer both used and new printers on rent.

Our Growth Over The Years

We now have 126 people working for us. It must be said that they have been our driving forces as far as being the top name for the Fuji Xerox printer in Singapore is concerned. We have expanded our product line in recent times so that we can serve you better. This has made us even more flexible. Therefore, we are so sure that we would be able to secure, complete, and satisfy all the needs that you may have, in this regard.

Understanding Your Needs

We understand that all of you have varying needs when it comes to a printer. As you would know, we have immense experience and knowledge in this domain. Apart from Singapore, we have offices in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia as well. We want to offer you a unique experience. We look to provide you with the best machines in your budget and thus satisfy you to the fullest possible level.


Printing price per page depends upon –

  • Size of paper
  • Quality of paper
  • Type of printing – Black and White/colored
  • The density of relating be written – plain matter, matter with tables, matter with charts, etc.
  • Quality of printing
  • Quantity of printing in one go, and
  • Frequency of printing per day/week/month/quarter/half-year/ yearly
  • Potential of alternative work which will be obtained from your reference
  • Location of the printing

Looking at all the factors mentioned the printing price per page involves 20 cents for color print and 7.5 cents for black and white print.

Ink-jets(bubble-jets) printers spray ionizing small drops of ink onto a page to form a picture. This is often achieved by exploiting magnetic plates that direct the ink’s path onto the paper within the desired pattern. dot matrix printer printers are capable of manufacturing high-quality print.

Laser printers As compared to an inkjet, photocopier technology is used in printing with a laser. The laser is either single-function or multi-functional. These can print large volumes of high-quality print at a time. They are suitable for larger-scale printing. Color electrostatic printers may be used as a daily black and white optical maser printer.

LED/LCD printers square measure sorts of electrophotographic printers that use clones of optical maser printers in most ways. These printers produce high-quality text and graphics print out.

Impact (Dot-matrix) printers Dot-matrix printers are similar to typewriters however vary in terms of speed. they print at a range of fifty and five hundred cycles per second (Characters Per Second). Dot-matrix printers are normally used for printing invoices, purchase orders, shipping forms, labels, and alternative multi-part forms.

Portable printers are sometimes light-weight and typically carry the option of using a battery rather than using power from the pc. Usually, they are used for basic print resolutions appropriate for plain text printing.

Plotters are usually large-scale printers used for line drawings. They are normally used for technical drawings like engineering drawings or blueprints.

Digital image printers have a larger resolution to be achieved to enhance image quality. image inkjet printers expand their gamuts by adding extra ink colors, sometimes lightweight cyan and lightweight magenta.

  • Desktop Label Printer
  • Commercial Label Printers
  • Industrial Label PrintersPortable
  • Label Printer
  • Personal Label Printers

Inkjet printers are usually cheaper than most optical maser printers. You will be able to purchase a color inkjet printer for $800. These printers are the color printing resolution for home.

Inkjet printers have advanced in the past decade. but, printing is relatively slow compared to optical maser printing. (cheaper compatibles from Jet investigator square measure available). Therefore, inkjet printers are suited to home users and small businesses with lighter printing desires. Inkjet printers are worth varying from $100 to $ 800, based on image quality, features, and paper-handling capabilities.

Laser Printers

A modern monochrome electrostatic printer starts at $100. This is a new technology introduced in the market.

Earlier, color optical maser printers were unaffordable for people or small businesses. However, these printers currently have several models in the market for less than $500, and these printers are smart alternatives to inkjets for printing spreadsheets, invoices, and brochures.