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Looking for a cutting-edge, efficient and productive printing solution? Are you searching for the professionals that would cater to all your office equipment needs?

Bank on Copier Champ Pte Ltd.

We are a reliable and reputed company based in Singapore with over 40 years in the business dealing with wholesale and retail of office stationery. Our flawless support has made us a one-stop-shop for all your equipment needs. We lease the copier at the most competitive price.

We Maintain a World-class Portfolio of Multifunctional Copiers!!

Copier Champ Pte Ltd has put in all efforts to provide different corporate firms with stationary. We lease copiers to different companies for a single day to a span of three years as well. At Copier Champ Pte Ltd, be assured of getting a flawless printing, instant on-site support in the most efficient and professional way. We lease the colour copiers to meet all your corporate requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Amidst so many service providers, we feel honoured when you choose us to lease copiers. We put into all efforts to make your congruence with us a memorable one–
  • World-class, multifunctional colour copier to ensure you get 100% productive and efficient result
  • Variable leasing period that includes one day to three years at the best price
  • Experts always at your presence for installation, service, and maintenance to keep your job rolling
  • 40 years of experience means you will be unmatched with unmatched services
  • Prompt Response & After-Sale Services
  • On-time delivery of copier upon receiving your request for copier leasing

Looking for a Copier for your Business?

With a wide selection of multifunctional copiers, Copier Champ Pte Ltd has been catering to all your stationery needs by understanding your demand. We strive and focus on nurturing the brand and creating a difference by fostering a strong consumer relationship. Our primary objective has made us the preferred choice to lease a colour copier.


It is quite often more affordable over the long run to buy a printer or copier than it is to lease one. Organizations that need to limit the sum they pay in interest for goods and ventures will, for the most part, choose to purchase over leasing copiers. It is easy to sell a used printer if it is no longer needed whereas you can not sell a leased colour printer because a printer is a depreciating asset and its value keeps on depreciating. At the point when an organization buys a printer, it’s not locked in a contract with an outside supplier.

A leased printer is the property of the lessor, which regularly implies the lesse isn’t authoritatively permitted to pay out support. This puts the lesse helpless before the lessor when things break.

Deciding the cost of a leased copier relies upon the seller providing the copier and which sort of copier you are searching for. There are more factors to consider, for example, upgrades, fixes, and maintenance. Here are a few sample prices

  • Small copier beginning costs are around $50 – $100 every month.
  • High-volume copiers can be leased between $200 – $400 every month.
  • Top of the line copiers extends between $800 – $1,000 every month.

We incorporated the expense of every one of these classifications of devices as a range for two or three reasons. Right off the bat, while most significant brands of MFPs value their devices generally correspondingly, every producer costs their gadgets autonomously, and there is a fluctuation between the different models and brands.


Renting a copier is normally accomplished for explicit reasons and not viewed as a long-term copier solution. Copier rentals are commonly short term. Rental copiers are regularly restored machines required temporarily. Copiers can be rented on a month-to-month basis for up to a year. It costs more to rent a copier than to purchase or lease a copier, yet you just have a momentary duty. At the point when you’re taking a gander at whether you should lease or rent an office copier, renting can be another option if your business is new and presently can’t seem to set up a strong FICO assessment. At the point when you’re seeing whether to lease or rent a copier, renting is another alternative that can be utilized as a convenient solution arrangement or if you have a short-term need.

The minimum period for a printer-copier service contract is nearly always 12 months, up to an agreement for a maximum of 5 years. This kind of plan, when they include hardware rental, makes high-end copiers affordable for small businesses. Agreements for printers are regularly founded on “clicks”, that is, a minimum number of “goals to print a page as shown by a click on the PC”, which must be paid for consistently regardless of on the off chance that it is really utilized or not. Truth be told, this month to month volume is just important for the estimating when it’s surpassed and triggers extra charges.