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Are you looking to buy a copier in Singapore? In that case, you should not be looking anywhere else but us at Copier Champ. The same also goes when you want to rent a copier. We offer you the best multifunction copiers, wide formats, printers, and plotters in Singapore. We stock all the latest brands in this domain such as Canon, Oki-Teriostar & etc. We offer copiers at all sorts of speeds such as 20-35, 55-75, and 35-55. We offer both colour and black and white printers. Thus, you can be sure that we are your only way out as far as office copiers are concerned.

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The colour copier that we offer is surely the best in the region. The same can be said of every copier machine that you buy from us. All our products are of high quality and we offer the best after-sales service in the region as well. All the leading businesses in Singapore rent or lease these machines from us. You can be sure that no other company in the region can beat us when it comes to prices and the quality of offers on the products.

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We are pretty famous for our photocopiers rental services as well. You can rent our machines as and when you want to, and for as long as you wish. We provide you with great maintenance services in this regard as well. We offer you complete online and offline support for the machines that you have rented from us. We always make sure that we are maintaining our machines in the best possible working condition.


A copier is a photocopying device that enables people to create copies of a document or a photograph, which are not too cheap. Copiers use a similar xerography process to that used on a laser printer. Occasionally copier’s machines print quicker than multifunction printers, but with short runs you’ll be hard pressed to find a difference. If it comes to pace, if you make a thousand copies of a single document, the copier can beat out the multifunction tool. Copiers were an alternative to printers, which were originally expensive and time consuming.

The printer is a peripheral device which produces a solid copy of the digital data displayed on the computer screen. Printers can also be used to connect to a device using a USB or printer, which allows other machines to be able to print on that printer. Also, many newer printers can support memory cards, digital cameras, or scanners.

Printing makes use of more ink and toner to produce vivid images. More toner is used during copying to create a less vivid image of the original. It is easier to photocopy. When time is a factor and not the price, this is how the project will be replicated. It is however best for small amounts and people who are budget-conscious too.

Printing and photocopying have their benefits and drawbacks and can be equally consistent with what suits their clients ‘ needs. Depending on the various needs every different people have, it will all add up. Knowing these details would definitely help them determine which one is better for their printing requirements.

Photocopiers do not use liquid ink; they are using what is called toner, a dry powder stored in a tube. While the process is somewhat complex, it’s basically a combination of light, heat, and static power. Photocopiers use light in ultra-simple terms to illuminate the image or copy text, and then add a positive charge to the toner, while the page itself bears a negative charge to attract toner. The charged toner hops to the page when the toner is glued to the paper by heat.

A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of the documents as well as other visual images on paper or plastic film easily and economically.

Printing and photocopying use roughly the same volume of ink and paper. Among other marginal factors, photocopying can consume slightly less ink or more ink, depending on printer settings such as quality and ink usage. A big difference is the amount of power used, if the photocopier is such that it uses a laser beam to scan a copy of the original document and print it out immediately, then it would consume more power electricity than when directly printing. However, for most small businesses, printing involves running a full PC system while photocopying it is harder to produce a neat impression of your job-clarity